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Post Secondary: TERMOT, Occilene - 13 of 15 Shares Sponsored

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Post Secondary: TERMOT, Occilene

Place Grand Goave

Age 26

Occilene was born in Mount Blan, a small community in northern Haiti that is established on the side of a sand mine. Mount Blan means ‘white mountain’ and the dust of the fine white sand that is mined there covers everything! The community has no access to school and they need to walk hours to collect fresh drinking water.

Both of Occilene’s parents passed away when she was young and she moved in with her adult cousin in Grand Goave. She got a late start at school but she had dreamed of going to school and she seized the opportunity. The hard work and determination that had been engrained in her so early in life helped immensely and Occilene gave school her full attention right up until she graduated.

Occilene’s transition into her cousin’s family was tough at first but their loving environment quickly drew her in and she found a place to flourish. She has dreamed of being a nurse for as long as she can remember and would like to return to her home community at some point to provide them with public health, and help them establish regular access to health care.

Occilene is perseverant and empathetic. She also has a solid work ethic and is compassionate and we believe she has the potential to become a great nurse one day. Will you help her get there?

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