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Elementary: DEMAN, Sanaitha - 0 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: DEMAN, Sanaitha

Place Grand Goave

Age 7

Gender Female

Grade 1

Name of School ISFAGG

Sanaïtha lives in Grand Goave with her 3 brothers and their parents. They have a family farm and her brothers help her parents tend to it. Sanaïtha has many chores around the house but her favorite is helping her mom keep the house clean. She takes great pride in sweeping so well that the mop water stays clean!


Sanaïtha enjoys going to school and she likes to be early so she can play tag with her friends. Her favorite color is bright red.


We love Sanaïtha’s energy and passion for life and we are grateful that her parents asked for help instead of removing her from school.