We have many projects on the go, and we invite you to get involved.

With your help, we can strengthen families in Haiti and give their children a brighter future!

Packs with a Purpose

Purchase a backpack for $25 - use the pack yourself or send it with us to Haiti... we will fill it with supplies (purchase...

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Relief Aid

While we prefer to empower our families in sustainable ways, we recognize that Haiti does go through seasons where Relief ...

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Sol Supporter

"Kay san sol tombe san vann" ~ "A house without a foundation falls even when there is no wind" The Haitian language is fu...

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Small Business Loans

There are not enough jobs in Haiti for the working class and we believe offering Small Business Loans is a great way to cr...

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Personal Support for Rebecca Honorat

Alongside was founded by Renel & Rebecca Honorat. Their passion for our mission is contagious and their diverse life e...

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Gift Catalogue

As specific needs arise within our families, or within the communities we partner with, we will share those needs with you...

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General Education Fund

Our desire is to have each student fully sponsored but we realize that this may not always be possible. Donations made to...

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