"Kay san sol tombe san vann" ~ "A house without a foundation falls even when there is no wind"

The Haitian language is full of proverbs and we love the way they share wisdom in practical ways. We know that without a solid foundation of supporters we will not be able to accomplish our vision. 

If you share our passion for coming alongside families in Haiti, we invite you to be part of our “Sol” and help us build a foundation that will allow us to stand up under the strong winds and provide shelter to those who are struggling to face the elements on their own.

“Sol" supporters will be instrumental in helping us operate and run our programs in Haiti. They will also allow us to meet urgent needs, provide relief, hold health seminars and cover shortcomings on other projects.

As a “Sol" supporter you will receive regular updates on all aspects of our organization.

Recent Updates

2023 In Review

Published Sat, Feb 10, 24.


An Interesting Perspective

Published Mon, Mar 27, 23.

Impact of a Solid Foundation

Published Tue, Jun 28, 22.


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