There are not enough jobs in Haiti for the working class and we believe offering Small Business Loans is a great way to create new jobs & stimulate the economy in Haiti. Having a personal business and being able to provide for your family is also a great way to empower and build towards financial sustainability.

By donating to our Small Business Loan project, you will be supporting the creation and expansion of small businesses in Haiti. Loans are interest free and available to anyone who would like to apply. Applicants must complete a loan application, have a solid business plan & have good character references. All applicants will be interviewed by an employee in Haiti and ultimately approved by Alongside's board of directors in Canada.

Donors to the Small Business Loan fund will receive regular updates on how small businesses are strengthening families in Haiti and providing hope to the next generation.

As loans are repaid more loans are given out so donations to this project are truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Quarterly Reports:

2022 - Q2

2022 - Q1



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SBL Program - Mid Year Report

Published Sun, Oct 01, 23.


2022 End of Year Report

Published Mon, Feb 20, 23.

SBL Quarterly Report - 2022 Q2

Published Tue, Aug 30, 22.


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