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Elementary: CHOUTE, Djoodley - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: CHOUTE, Djoodley

Place Grand Goave

Age 6

Gender Male

Grade Preschool 1

Name of School Coeur e Coeur

Djoodley is a quiet but confident boy who stays close to his mom. He is an only child and likes to go with his mom to the market when she sets up her small vegetable stand. He likes to help buyers pick out the best vegetables… and is good at upselling them!

Djoodley is really looking forward to starting school in September and has already promised his mom that he will take very good care of his uniform -and won’t play soccer with it on! His mom, on the other hand, is worried about the change. She knows she can’t afford to feed & care for Djoodley and pay for his schooling. The thought of him not starting school on time makes her feel like she’s failing, when really she’s doing a great job caring for him and showering him with her love. Djoodley’s father separated from her when she was pregnant and he has not been involved with Djoodley at all.

Helping Djoodley start school in September will give him a good foundation, and the support will allow his mother to continue to keep him at home and care for him like only she can.


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