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Elementary: ANTONIO, Jessica - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: ANTONIO, Jessica

Place Petit Goave

Age 4

Gender Female

Grade Preschool 3

Name of School ISFAGG

Jessica lives in Petit Goave with her brother and her parents. Her dad works at the local bank as a bank teller and her mom just starting teaching at a local elementary school. Jessica’s favorite color is pink. She loves to play with dolls and she often sings the entire way to school!


Jessica’s parents both value education and they met while in college. They have high hopes of raising their children to be passionate about learning but they are feeling discouraged as they are finding themselves struggling to make ends meet and keep their young children in school.


Neither of Jessica’s parents are close to their family and they are lacking the support most young families need from their extended family. It is our pleasure to walk alongside this family as they build a foundation that will support future generations.