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Elementary: ARISMA, Sondy - 1 of 3 Shares Sponsored

The monthly amount needed to sponsor a student is divided into shares - each share is $10/month. You can choose to be the child's only sponsor and select all of the shares, or you can choose a portion of the shares and another sponsor(s) will take the remaining shares. If you have any questions about the sponsorship program please email us at and we will happily give you more of an explanation.

Elementary: ARISMA, Sondy

Place Gonaives

Age 5

Gender Female

Grade P1

Name of School Sacre Couer

Sondy lives in Gonaives with his parents and 9 siblings.


Sondy’s dad is a mason/brick layer and his mom stays home to look after the kids and maintain their home. The gang activity and general unrest in the city of Gonaives makes it difficult for building projects to proceed so Sondy’s dad has difficulty finding work.


Sondy’s parents were considering putting him in a children’s home as they knew they couldn’t afford to send him to school. They are relieved that we are willing to walk alongside them and ensure Sondy’s education is kept a priority, while still keeping him at home.


Sondy is one of the lucky ones. Far too many children in Haiti are sent to institutions so that their school tuition will be covered. We are grateful for the opportunity to enable Sondy’s parents to keep him at home.