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Elementary: BAPTICHON, Marcelin - 0 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: BAPTICHON, Marcelin

Place Grand Goave

Age 5

Gender Male

Grade Primary 2

Name of School Ceour e Ceour

Marcelin hardly ever stops smiling! He loves to help his mom in the garden and he’s getting pretty good at knowing when certain crops are ready to harvest. His favorite job is picking the beans – he likes the popping sound they make when he breaks them off the stem. Marcelin’s dad is a mango man. When mangos are in season he buys them from farmers and takes them to the market to resell. He also sells whatever they are able to harvest from their small garden, usually corn, beans, and squash.


Marcelin just finished his first year of preschool and he loved it. His favorite things to do were sing, draw, and play soccer at recess. After mangos, his favorite food is rice.


Marcelin’s parents stretched themselves too thin this year sending Marcelin to school and they can’t afford to do it again next year. We are grateful for the opportunity to support Marcelin’s education and help ensure he gets the educational foundation he deserves.