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Post Secondary: CIVAL, Carlencia - 12 of 12 Shares Sponsored

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Post Secondary: CIVAL, Carlencia

Place Gonaives

Age 24

Gender Female

Name of School CESMED

Program Name Nursing

Program Length (years) 4

Carlencia is the oldest of 8 children… she has 4 younger brothers & 3 younger sisters! Being the oldest child in Haiti has its advantages, as well as it’s disadvantages. On one hand, she has 7 people below her in the pecking order so she rarely needs to do chores, or her laundry. On the other hand, she is expected to help the younger children finish school and set an example for providing for her parents as they age. This responsibility is culturally engrained in every first born child.


Carlencia’s father has a driver’s license and drives a dump truck for local company who sells sand. He drives the truck up the mountains (about a 2 hour drive) and waits for labourers to fill the truck with sand… by hand, using shovels. This often means he has to stay overnight (sleeping in his drivers seat) so they can finish filling it in the morning. Once it’s full he drives down the mountain and tries to find a buyer. A buyer is not always easy to find. Her father is a very hard worker and works for weeks without taking a day off.


Carlencia’s mother stays at home, looking after the children & running the house. On occasion she is able to set up a small fast food booth in front of her house in the evening. Her children love when this happens as they get to eat the left over fried plantains!


Ever since Carlencia entered High School she has dreamed of becoming a Nurse. She sees how the skillset would help her care for her future family, as well as provide career options. Being the oldest, she knows how important it is for her to have a steady income so that she can help her younger siblings until one of them is able to join her in the work force… then she will be free to set up her own future.


There is a reputable College in Gonaives that has a 4 year Nursing program that she has been accepted into. If Carlencia could receive a scholarship to go into this program it would be a pivotal moment for the entire family.

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