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Post Secondary: CINELIEN, Nacilia - 15 of 15 Shares Sponsored

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Post Secondary: CINELIEN, Nacilia

Place Grand Goave

Age 27

Nacilia is from the small mountain community of Mount Blan, where her parents and younger siblings still live. Mount Blan (White Mountain) is named after the hillside that is covered with sand mines. The white powdery sand is used for making blocks and pouring concrete slabs. There used to be a water source close to the village but it dried up years ago and the community members now need to walk 2 hours to get fresh water. Nacilia’s parents are farmers but their produce is seasonal as they rely on rain water.

There are no schools in Mount Blan so Nacilia went to live with her Uncle in Grand Goave when she was 10 years old. She got a late start in school but worked hard and graduated in 2020.

Nacilia thought she would braid hair for a living but she changed her mind after a traumatic experience. One morning she woke up to a gunshot and screaming. Her younger cousin had gotten a hold of a gun and in playing he accidently shot his friend. As others fled the scene she rushed into the room and held a blanket to the wound. She held the wound until he arrived at the hospital where the doctor said she had saved his life.

That day Nacilia discovered she had courage and strength that she didn’t know she had. The experience inspired her to become a Nurse and she has been praying for an opportunity ever since. The same day she received notification that she graduated from High School she requested an application form for Alongside’s scholarship program.

Helping Nacilia become a Nurse will have a ripple effect that will be immeasurable.

2020/2021 School Picture