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Post Secondary: ALDEUS, Shelda - 12 of 12 Shares Sponsored

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Post Secondary: ALDEUS, Shelda

Place Bouvard

Age 24

Gender Female

Name of School ISSPAM

Program Name Nursing

Program Length (years) 4

Shelda was born in the small mountain community of Bouva. Her father is a shepherd and looks after goats & cows. He often buys young animals and raises them until they are ready to be sold in the market but he also keeps some to breed. Shelda’s mom buys non-perishable goods in town and sells them to her neighbours in smaller quantities. Since most of her neighbours do the same thing, they try to buy different ingredients and they often exchange rather than buy from each other.


Shelda’s father has several family units so she has grown up in the midst of many children. She has always enjoyed school and she is very proud of herself for graduating High School. Many of her friends had to drop out to take on more domestic duties at home, or start families of their own.


Shelda has dreamt of being a Nurse for as long as she can remember. When she was in her final year of High School she asked one of her Aunts to help finance her University costs. Shortly after graduation Shelda moved to Grand Goave so she could attend University in Petit Goave. Her Aunt was able to help through her first year but her situation has changed and she won’t be able to continue to help her with the tuition.


Shelda has worked so hard to get to where she is and it is our honor to walk alongside her as she becomes a Nurse.