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High School: MAXIME, Chilove - 0 of 4 Shares Sponsored

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High School: MAXIME, Chilove

Place Gonaives

Age 11

Gender Female

Grade 7

Name of School College Mixte Horizon

Chilove’s mom has 7 children and Chilove is the 4th. She and her 3 younger siblings were born in the Dominican Republic. Her parents had moved there in hopes of finding work. They did for a while but when Chilove’s dad left the family her mom wasn’t able to work and look after the children so she moved the family back to Haiti. They are unsure where her father is now.


Chilove lives in Gonaives in a neighborhood where she has lots of friends. She enjoys going to school and especially enjoys learning about technology. Her favorite colour is pink and she doesn’t care that people tell her it’s a colour for babies! Chilove has a strong personality and she sticks up for what she believes and those she is close to. People who know her well think she will be an attorney one day.


Chilove’s mom has a business making charcoal and selling it in small bundles. It’s a tough way to make money but she does it because she can do it on her own schedule and still be home to look after her children.


Chilove's mom desperately wants her children to finish school and have opportunities that she didn’t have. We are honored to walk alongside her and help make that happen.