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High School: LOUIS, Love-Djina

Place Mount Blan

Age 14

Gender Female

Grade 7

Name of School National Lucien Pardo

Love-Djina lives at home with her parents, brother, and three sisters. They live in the city of Gonaives, but have a family garden in the small mountain community of Mount Blan. Love-Djina’s dad does the majority of the gardening and her mom sells their produce in the local market.


Love-Djina helps her dad when needed but the chores she prefers are the domestic ones with her mom – washing dishes, sweeping the yard, hanging laundry, etc.


At school Love-Djina’s favorite thing to do is read and she wished her school had more books available to the students to borrow. Her favorite color is red.


Love-Djina has just started High School and she has already noticed how many of her female classmates have dropped out. Love-Djina enjoys school and has a goal to graduate, pursue post- secondary education, and get a job that will allow her to provide for her family.


We are honored to walk alongside Love-Djina, and her family, as she works towards her goal.