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High School: JEAN LOUIS, Minouneza - 0 of 4 Shares Sponsored

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High School: JEAN LOUIS, Minouneza

Place Grand Goave

Age 13

Gender Female

Grade 7

Name of School Coeur e Coeur

Minouneza lives in Grande Goave with her mom, her sister, and her two brothers. Her mom is employed at a local gas station and works very hard to support their family. Minouneza’s father hadn’t been involved in their family for many years and unfortunately he passed away in 2020 before he was able to make amends.


Their family shares a house with Minouneza’s aunt and grandma.


Minouneza enjoys going to school and had trouble picking a favorite subject. She’s worried that she’ll have to stop going to help support the family, like some of her friends are having to do.


We’d like to support Minouneza in her education so that her mom doesn’t need to make the tough decision to keep her at home.