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High School: FAUSTIN, Nachika - 4 of 4 Shares Sponsored

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High School: FAUSTIN, Nachika

Place Grand Goave

Age 23

Gender Female

Grade 12

Name of School Ceour e Ceour

The Faustin Family tragically lost their father, Dieuvel’homme, in a car accident in May 2022. He was on his way home from a church service in a neighbouring town and the tap-tap he was riding in (along with many others from his church) was rear-ended by a large truck. Dieuvel’homme was the primary provider for his family and he left behind his wife and their six children. His wife Jaqueline has some experience gardening but she really relied on Dieuvel’homme to harvest and sell their produce and she is now dependant on her older children.


Nachika grew up with her parents but moved in with her older sister when her sister got married a few years ago. She helps her sister look after the house and her baby, Nachika’s niece. Nachika enjoys living with her sister’s family and she remains close with her mom and other siblings.


Nachika’s favorite things in school is history. She enjoys learning about the past but she gets frustrated when she sees how society repeats its mistakes. She’d like to become a teacher one day and teach history to adults as well as kids – we suggested she become a politician!