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Post Secondary: BARAUD, Marie Lourdes - 4 of 15 Shares Sponsored

The monthly amount needed to sponsor a student is divided into shares - each share is $10/month. You can choose to be the child's only sponsor and select all of the shares, or you can choose a portion of the shares and another sponsor(s) will take the remaining shares. If you have any questions about the sponsorship program please email us at and we will happily give you more of an explanation.

Post Secondary: BARAUD, Marie Lourdes

Place Grand Goave

Age 25

BIO for Sponsorship Program (Rebecca Honorat, April 2020)

Age: 23

Grade: 12

School: Coeur e Coeur


Marie Lourdes is a dynamic young woman whose list of hobbies include; cooking, playing soccer, shopping in the market, braiding her friend’s hair, gardening, and playing the trumpet in the church band! Her positive attitude and good sense of humour makes it easy for her to connect with people and she has become a leader among her peers.


Marie Lourdes mother died when she was young and she spent most of her childhood in a Children’s Home. She recently returned to live with her father in his home in the countryside, where he earns a meager living farming during the rainy seasons. When he harvests a crop of beans, or corn, he saves some for his family & takes the rest to the market.


Marie Lourdes would like to continue her education but her father doesn’t have the means to pay for her to continue. She is anxious to continue school as she recognizes that she is at a critical stage of her life and dropping out of school now could lead her into a spiral of bad decisions. She dreams of graduating High School and going to College to become a Nurse, or a Teacher. Haiti’s High School system ends after grade 13 so she only has two years left to go.


Helping Marie Lourdes at this stage of her life will have a ripple effect on her father, her current family and her future family… together let’s start that chain reaction!


BIO for scholarship Program (Rebecca Honorat, September 2022)

Graduated:September 2022

Program: Hospitality Diploma (2 years)

School: Magna, Leogane

Amount: $150/month


Marie Lourdes has had a rough couple of years. Her father passed away in 2020 and she has been staying at a friend’s house ever since. She had grown close with her father the past couple of years and she wished that she had gone home to live with him earlier. However, she knows that he was proud of her accomplishments in school and the hard work ethic she has developed.


Marie Lourde finished grade 13 in 2021 but she did not pass her final exams. At the time she was considering going into nursing so she decided to give the final exam another try. When she didn’t pass them again in 2021 she decided to change her career path and go into hospitality. At first she was disappointed but she quickly embraced the decision and she is now very excited about the opportunities that will be available to her. She already has some practical experience at a Guest House that hosts missionaries and she enjoyed that very much. She will also consider working in a hotel in Port-au-Prince, or even work in the DR, after she graduates.


As Marie Lourdes has no support network at home we will be covering the cost of her tuition (our normal procedure) as well as helping her with transportation, uniforms, and additional school fees (usually covered by parents).





2020/2021 School Picture