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Elementary: STEPH, Aliah - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: STEPH, Aliah

Place Grand Goave

Age 5

Gender Female

Grade Preschool 1

Name of School Coeur e Coeur

Aliah is an only child who is shy and likes to be close to her mom whenever possible. She was born in a northern community in Haiti but her mom moved with her to Grand Goave when she was six month old as their living environment was unsafe. They now live with her Aunt & Uncle. Her father isn’t involved in her life anymore and her mother hasn’t been able to work as she’s been looking after Aliah.


Aliah started preschool this year and she is loving school. They live about an hour walk from school. She is too young to walk so she gets taken to school on a motorcycle. There are usually 4 other children on the same motorcycle… plus the driver! Aliah likes when she gets chosen to sit in front of the driver as it’s a lot easier to hold on.


Aliah’s mom would like to start a small business now that she has some free time during the day. She will be talking more to Alongside about her ideas.