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Elementary: SAMUEL, Sam-Ansley - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: SAMUEL, Sam-Ansley

Place Grand Goave

Age 8

Gender Male

Grade Primary 3

Name of School Minerve

Sam-Ansley is only five years old but he has already planned out his life… he’s going to graduate from High School when he’s 12 years old and he’ll play professional soccer until he becomes an old man (around 23 years old). Then his kids will take care of him for the rest of his life! I love his optimism and wish I had his ability to dream!


Sam-Ansley lives with his parents in Grand Goave. He is one of six children and loves having people around to play with. His mom has a sewing machine and sews school uniforms and other custom clothes. His dad is a handyman of sorts and is especially good at electrical projects. Both parents work hard to put food on the table and care for their children, but it is tough and they know they won’t be able to afford to send all of their children to school.


Sam-Ansley loves going to school and says the only thing he wished he could change is having a bicycle for every student to ride during recess.


2020/2021 School Picture