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Elementary: PIERRE, Frantzley - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: PIERRE, Frantzley

Place Fouche

Age 12

Gender Male

Grade 2

Name of School Notre-Dame

Frantzley has grown up in Fouche with his parents, older sister Bethsaida, and two younger siblings. As a family they have gone through personal trauma and they have had to band together to make it through. Frantzley’s dad is currently unemployed as he has recently broken ties with a spiralling political party and he is trying to make a fresh start. Frantzley’s mom is mostly home with her children but she also tries to make some money by buying bulk clothing and reselling individual items.


Soccer is Frantzley favorite sport and he loves to watch the older boys play in competition as much as he likes to play himself. When he’s on summer break from school Franzley’s favorite thing to do is to walk down main street in the evening with his dad. He likes the smell of fried food & he likes to watch people play dominos.