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Elementary: PIERRE, Bethsaida - 4 of 4 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: PIERRE, Bethsaida

Place Fouche

Age 15

Gender Female

Grade 6

Name of School Notre-Dame

Bethsaida has grown up in Fouche with her parents, sister, and two brothers. As a family they have gone through personal trauma and they have had to band together to make it through. Bethsaida’s dad is currently unemployed as he has recently broken ties with a spiralling political party and he is trying to make a fresh start. Bethaida’s mom is mostly home with her children but she also tries to make some money by buying clothing in bulk and reselling individual items.


Bethaida’s goal is to graduate from High School but she is not confident that this will happen as many of her friends have already dropped out. When she’s not in school she enjoys hanging out with friends, braiding hair, and watching soccer games.