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Elementary: LIBERTIN, Nathanel - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: LIBERTIN, Nathanel

Place Grand Goave

Age 8

Gender Male

Grade Preschool 3

Name of School Ceour e Ceour

Nathaniel is in his third year of Preschool and will be starting grade 1 next year, but he acts like he’s a High School senior who will be graduating soon! His mom is an assistant in the school library so he’s been hanging around the school since before he could walk.


Nathaniel’s dad is a brick layer and hasn’t worked regularly for the past few years because of political unrest.


Nathaniel is doing well in school and loves to read. He enjoys playing soccer but his eyes light up when you talk to him about music. He already sings in the children’s choir at church and he has his heart set on playing the saxophone one day. Most kids are scared at night when the power goes off (which happens almost every night in his town) but Nathaniel just sees it as his cue to start singing. Not only are his parents relieved to have such an easy going son, but his little sister is comforted by his good nature as well.


Helping Nathaniel go to school would be a great blessing to this family.

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