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Elementary: LAVAUD, Mycha - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: LAVAUD, Mycha

Place Grand Goave

Age 8

Gender Female

Grade Preschool 3

Name of School Ceour e Ceour

Mycha lives in Grand Goave with her parents & younger brother. While her brother hates going to school, Mycha is the opposite – she can’t wait to get out the door and go. She has a favorite doll that she likes to take with her and play with at recess. She knows not to play with it during class though because she knows that it will be taken away.


Mycha’s mom is very young and her parents passed away before she got married. She has a younger sister and, as the oldest, she feels pressure to provide for her growing family as well as her younger sister. She looks after the house & children and she’s learning to sew clothes as a way of supporting herself. Her husband is also young and is apprenticing as a mechanic.


Mycha has already got her heart set on going to university after finishing school as she’d like to become a teacher. While her dreams will likely change many times before she graduates we love that she is eager and passionate about her education.



2020/2021 School Picture