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Elementary: LAVAUD, Mitch - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

The monthly amount needed to sponsor a student is divided into shares - each share is $10/month. You can choose to be the child's only sponsor and select all of the shares, or you can choose a portion of the shares and another sponsor(s) will take the remaining shares. If you have any questions about the sponsorship program please email us at and we will happily give you more of an explanation.

Elementary: LAVAUD, Mitch

Place Grand Goave

Age 7

Gender Male

Grade Preschool 2

Name of School Ceour e Ceour

Mitch lives in Grand Goave with his parents & older sister and he is going into his second year of preschool this year (2020/21). Mitch enjoys school once he’s there but he gives his mom grief the entire time they’re walking there. There is a mountain that he tells everyone he hates because it’s the mountain that takes him to school!


Mitch’s mom is very young and her parents passed away before she got married. She has a younger sister and, as the oldest, she feels pressure to provide for her growing family as well as her younger sister. She looks after the house & children and she’s learning to sew clothes as a way of supporting herself. Her husband is also young and is apprenticing as a mechanic.


Helping Mitch’s parents send him to school is a way that you can support his entire family. You will help relieve pressure from his parents and they can focus on caring for him & his sister without compromising his education.

2020/2021 School Picture