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Elementary: LAGUERRE, Rose-Mitha - 0 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: LAGUERRE, Rose-Mitha

Place Grand Goave

Age 12

Gender Female

Grade 2

Name of School Coeur e Coeur

Rose-Mitha’s family is from the small mountain community of Tetebef. Her parents have a family garden and plant mostly corn, sweet potato, and beans. Rose-Mitha’s father is the head farmer and her mom takes the produce to market twice a week to sell.


Rose-Mitha, her brother, and their two sisters enjoy helping in the garden but when school is in session they live in the valley (Grande Goave) at their uncle’s house so they can go to school. It is common for children from these small mountain communities to stop going to school once they have learned to read and write.


Rose-Mitha loves school and desperately wants to stay enrolled – she’s even careful to be on her best behaviour when she’s at her uncle’s house as she thinks that will increase her chances of staying in school longer. While her family is proud that she does so well in school they struggle to prioritize it when it feels unnecessary and expensive to them.