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Elementary: JOSEPH, Kenald - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: JOSEPH, Kenald

Place Grand Goave

Age 12

Gender Male

Grade 1

Name of School Nid D'Enfant

Kenald is a proud son of a fisherman! His dad is a fisherman in Grand Goave and sells his fish and lobsters to locals and those that come to spend the day at the beautiful Taiino beach. The fishing industry in Haiti has been hit hard in the last few years. The high cost of gas has not made it economical to use motor boats, and the political unrest has caused fewer people to venture to the coast. Still, Kenald is proud to have a dad that “braves the water in search of food” and he spends as much time as possible by the water with him.


Kenald’s mother stays close to home and looks after him, his two brothers, and two sisters. She looks after their family garden and sells extra produce in the local market. She also makes fast food in front of their house when there is a demand for it.


As hard as his parents work, they are not able to bring home enough income to be able to prioritize their children’s education, and Kenald & his older sister Naicheka, are faced with not returning to school in the Fall.


Kenald is in grade 1 this year and is so excited to be learning to read and write. His text books are his prized possessions and he even tries his best to keep his uniform clean… which is hard to do because he loves playing soccer at recess.


Helping Kenald & Naicheka finish High School and go on to post-secondary education is a way to empower this family to improve their future while still respecting & strengthening their family.




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