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Elementary: JEAN PHILIPPE, Youlanda - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: JEAN PHILIPPE, Youlanda

Place Mount Blan

Age 11

Gender Female

Grade 3

Name of School Institute Mixte Frienet Celestine

Youlanda is an energetic young girl who loves to play soccer as much as she loves to play with dolls. She also loves to go to school and enjoys spending time with her friends.


Youlanda’s parents don’t live together and she lives with her mom. She considers Mount Blan her home but she spends a lot of time in Gonaives as that is where she goes to school. Youlanda has a special relationship with her mom and enjoys spending time with her, even if it means doing chores together. She likes to cook and pushes her mom to try new recipes.


Youlanda’s dad comes to visit occasionally but his schedule is sporadic because he works in the sand mines.


Youlanda’s mom has big dreams for her and really wants to create a stable home for her so that Youlanda will have more options than she had. Supporting Youlanda will mean that her mom will be able to focus on other aspects of their life without worrying about Youlanda having to drop out of school.