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Elementary: FLEURIMOND, Brillaneka - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: FLEURIMOND, Brillaneka

Place Grand Goave

Age 13

Gender Female

Grade 2

Name of School Saint Francois d'Assise

Brillaneka’s family is from Tetebef, a small mountain community near Grand Goave, but they moved down to Grande Goave just before she was born. Her parents had seven children and she is the youngest. She has grown up being a gopher of sorts for her older siblings and she is so proud of the independence she has gained. She is well known in her corner of Grand Goave and regularly buys from the merchants.


Brillaneka’s mom is a skilled seamstress and specializes in making school uniforms and tailoring clothes. Her dad continues to go up to Tetebef on a regular basis and looks after their family garden & his herd of goats. While both parents do their best to keep busy and provide for their family, their income is inconsistent and they struggle to make ends meet. They know that education is important but their priorities (understandably) are food & shelter for their family, and their children have had to take breaks in their education. Brillaneka is a good example of this… she is ten years old and in Grade 2. If she gets any farther behind she will likely become discouraged and be eager to drop out.


Brillaneka is so loved by her family! Helping her to go to school will give her hope… for her, and her family.


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