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Elementary: DALENS, David - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: DALENS, David

Place Gonaives

Age 11

Gender Male

Grade 2

Name of School COBAHA

David may be the youngest of eight children but he’s definitely the boss in the family! He is shy around strangers but with his family and friends he is playful, spirited and inquisitive. His favorite thing to do is play soccer.


David enjoys going to school and already has his heart set on being a doctor one day. He knows that doctors are smart so he playfully tells his parents that he needs to study when he’s asked to do chores!


Although David’s parents are hard-working, they are both self-employed and struggle to make ends meet. The past few years have been rougher than normal for small businesses as political unrest locked the country for months on end.



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