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Elementary: ATHELIA, Bethyna - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

The monthly amount needed to sponsor a student is divided into shares - each share is $10/month. You can choose to be the child's only sponsor and select all of the shares, or you can choose a portion of the shares and another sponsor(s) will take the remaining shares. If you have any questions about the sponsorship program please email us at and we will happily give you more of an explanation.

Elementary: ATHELIA, Bethyna

Place Gonaives

Age 10

Gender Female

Grade 4

Name of School Institution Mixte les Freres Aristilde

Bethyna is often told that she has a mischievous grin but it actually doesn’t match her personality. She is calm, polite and happiest when she is quietly playing with a doll - especially if her doll is wearing something pink!


Bethyna enjoys going to school and her favorite subject is mathematics. She already has her heart set on becoming a nurse and she has grand plans to be the go to person for everyone in her community that needs help.


When Bethyna is not in school, or doing chores, she likes to shadow her mom and help with her parents small home business.


Bethyna’s parents are grateful for the opportunity to have her in our sponsorship program so that they can focus on building up their business without worrying about having to take her out of school.