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Elementary: DONATIEU, Youse Naika - 3 of 3 Shares Sponsored

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Elementary: DONATIEU, Youse Naika

Place Mount Blan

Age 12

Gender Female

Grade 6

Name of School Modelka

Youse Naika lives with her mother in the small mountain village of Mount Blan. She is an only child and her father died several years ago. They spend a lot of time travelling back and forth from Mount Blan and the nearby city of Gonaives, where they stay with family. Youse Naika goes to school in Gonaives and her mom has a small business buying non-perishable goods in bulk and reselling them in smaller quantities.


Youse Naika’s mom is a very hard worker and she is diligent in including Youse Naikia in every aspect of her life so that she’ll be ready to lead her own family one day. She would like her daughter to finish school and get a post-secondary education but she can’t afford to pay for her education.


By helping Youse Naika finish school you’ll be giving her hope for her future, and allowing her mom to focus on other aspects of their life.