Christmas Soup Joumou Hamper


This holiday season we will be providing our families (and hopefully many others in the community) with a nutritious food hamper that will not only provide for them physically but encourage them to celebrate their heritage.

This year our holiday food hampers will include the ingredient needs to make Soup Joumou! 

Soup Joumou is not only an incredibly flavorful, hearty, and warming dish, but it has a powerful story behind it. This traditional Haitian soup, made with a Caribbean pumpkin called Joumou, was once a delicacy reserved for white enslavers but forbidden to the enslaved people who cooked it. After Haiti won its independence from France on January 1, 1804, Haitians made a tradition of eating the soup each Independence Day (which also happens to be New Year’s Day) to celebrate their freedom. 

Food hampers cost $100 and you can purchase them for your student's family and/or a community member in need.