Teresa has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has been a RN since 20012. Her nursing experience includes community nursing, mental health, addictions and harm reduction. She has worked in many different types of facilities, ranging from a University Hospital to a Women’s Correctional Centre.


Teresa also has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Sociology, and a Certificate in Human Services. She is passionate about helping others and has used her education and personal experience in many local and international projects. Teresa has received training in community development, water filtration, and sanitation and has used her training in volunteer positions in Haiti, Kenya and the Philippines. Teresa enjoys training and working alongside community leaders and while her career has been multifaceted, she is always seeking opportunities to assist marginalized populations. Through her experiences, she has developed a sense of which approaches are effective and which are less effective for permanent change to occur in people's lives. 


In 2007, Teresa first went to Haiti with a group from her home church. She was able to visit many remote communities and was able to see the impact that organized education was having on the younger generation. She was also able to see how many children were not able to go to school because their parents could not afford it. Teresa’s first trip to Haiti left her with a desire to help provide opportunities for more children to go to school, and she has made several trips to Haiti since 2007.


Teresa choose to serve on our Board of Directors because she believes that change is possible! She believes that the most effective way to encourage change is to empower people and help them build their own capacity in a way that is meaningful and sustainable for them.