Diane is a wife, mother, teacher and encourager. She has been an elementary teacher since 2003 and believes in life-long learning and the role education plays in the development of a person’s potential. Her passion for education and its impact is apparent in her life as she coaches teams, mentors’ new teachers, and leads a team at church. Diane has provided professional development training to her peers at the board and school level as she delivers information in a relevant and engaging manner. She values the input of others, encourages growth, and believes she can learn something from everyone she meets.


When searching for a volunteer opportunity, she was drawn to Haiti because she loves to connect with people, and felt that having French would allow her to communicate and develop relationship with Haitians.


In 2013, Diane made her first trip to Haiti with a group of Canadian educators to conduct a Professional Development Seminar for local Haitian teachers. Diane was a pro-active member of the team and helped coordinate the professional development program for the Haitian teachers. She experienced first-hand the impact a community base project can do in Haiti and that left an imprint on her heart. Diane has returned to Haiti annually since 2013 and remains an integral part of the education team, both during their time in Haiti and fundraising to support the work being done.


In 2016, with her heart and eyes focused on Haiti, Diane, along with her friend Leanne Sharp, started the Ontario based venture “Mahogany & Maple”. This social enterprise is a marketplace style showcase that allows small businesses to sell their products. Businesses that participate in the market are small businesses that hire, train, and empower artisans in developing countries, including Haiti. All proceeds raised through Mahogany & Maple have been donated to grass roots projects in Haiti that are focused on advancing education and employment. Diane’s desire is that artisans, and their families, are empowered and financially able to provide for their families through their business.


Diane choose to serve on our Board of Directors because she believes that advancing education and employment is the best way to ensure families are healthy, and healthy families create healthy communities!