Albert has run his own construction business, AJ Construction Ltd, for over 30 years. He manages multiple projects at a time and oversees more than 50 employees. Albert enjoys running his business, and he appreciates the opportunity he has to provide employment for so many tradesman in Canada.


In 2005, Albert made his first trip to Haiti and he has made more than 20 trips since then. He advises several not-for-profit charities working in Haiti and has extensive leadership experience in Haiti including; leading short-term mission trips, building relationships with local leadership, training local tradesmen, providing emergency relief after the 2010 earthquake, implementing new building standards, and overseeing all aspects of operating a Canadian charity in Haiti.


Albert’s experience gives him a unique perspective and he is able to think critically while still taking cultural differences into account. His consistent and sincere manner has gained him great respect in the communities that he has served in Haiti.


Albert choose to serve on our Board of Directors because he believes that effectively relieving poverty requires different strategies in different situations. He appreciates our approach of encouraging education and empowering families through small business loans and he agrees that it’s an effective approach in Haiti.