Published Tue, Nov 08, 22.
Written by Rebecca Honorat.


A few weeks ago we were sharing our family's story at a fundraiser for Haiti. Renel, Hasannah, and Jelani were standing with me on stage and I was sharing that Renel was just 10 years old when his parents sent him to live in a Children's Home. His parents weren't financially able to send him to school and they wanted him to get an education. 

As I was telling this part of Renel's story I realized that our daughter, Hasannah, is now 10 years old... the same age Renel was when he moved out of his family's home.

It was an unexpected emotional moment for me and I struggled to finish the rest of my presentation. Since then I have thought more about how I would feel to have to send Hasannah away and the emotional toil it would have on her. I'm so thankful that I'm not faced with that decision.

As grateful as Renel is for the opportunity to go to school (& have a positive experience in the home), he often uses the words "what if" when he tells his story... "What if I would have had that opportunity and still been able to grow up with my parents? That would have been exceptional!"

Having Hasannah at home with us is exceptional!

Exceptional is Alongside's vision. Having fewer parents faced with that impossible decision is our purpose. Strengthening families is our passion. Empowering the next generation is our expectation.

If you can relate to my moment, and if you are able, would you consider sponsoring one of these students this year?
Full list of students that need sponsorship

You will be changing the ending of their story!

Rebecca Honorat
Executive Director, Alongside Families in Haiti Society
Wanglyson is one of the students who need a sponsor. 

Even at his young age, he understands that going to school is a privilege.
His dad, Wangly, was left at the hospital when he was born and a lady working at the hospital took him in. He doesn’t remember his childhood fondly and he had to drop out of school after grade 4 so he could look after the lady’s younger children at home. As soon as Wanglyson was born Wangly made himself a promise that he would give his son the opportunities that he wasn’t privileged to have.
Unfortunately life doesn’t always go as planned, and their young family is already struggling to make ends meet. 
Wanglyson has been looking forward to going to school for as long as he can remember and he plans to enjoy every minute of it! This year was his first year and his favorite thing to do was sing the national anthem while they raised the flag each morning. 
We applaud this family’s determination and are honored to walk alongside them on their journey.
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