Published Tue, Nov 22, 22.
Written by Rebecca Honorat.


Most schools across Haiti are now open and students like Jean Maky are thrilled to be back in class!

We are also happy to say that there has been a small improvement in the general unrest.

The gang that was blocking gas from being circulated has stopped their protest and gas is now being circulated. It hasn't reached the smaller cities, like Grande Goave, but it should soon.

Another significant improvement is that Canada has announced that they are sanctioning some key politicians & businessmen that are known to fund gang activity. This is a good step and we expect more names to be added to their list in the coming weeks. Hopefully more countries will follow Canada's lead.

These may seem like insignificant steps in the big picture but they are the first positive steps we've seen in a long time so we choose to celebrate them!

Now that schools are reopened you can expect to get an updated picture of your student soon!

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