Published Sun, May 22, 22.
Written by Rebecca Honorat.


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We'd like to start this update with a huge thank you!

So many of you sent donations to the Relief Fund after hearing about the accident last week and we are truly grateful for your generous response. We were able to get some money to Pastor Luc within 48 hours of the accident so that he could make a downpayment to the hospital in Port-au-Prince. This quick response on your part ensured no critical care was delayed due to finances. Since then we have continued to give as the donations have come in. Thank you! What a huge blessing you have been.

Here is a brief summary of how things are going:

Funeral Plans

The Faustin family, the church, and the communities of Tetebef & Grande Goave will have a funeral for Dieuvel'homme on Thursday, May 26th. It has been a very difficult week for the Faustin family but the community has surrounded them and that has given them some comfort.

Critical Injuries

Four church members were transported to Port-au-Prince the day of the accident and one was transferred there during the week.

Louvemirka started out in the hospital in Ti-Goave with what appeared to be minor injuries but she worsened after a few days and she was transferred to Port-au-Prince when they suspected internal bleeding. They have yet to diagnose and are doing further testing on her abdomen. We are praying for wisdom for the doctors.

Sanon appeared to be the worst of those who were taken to Port-au-Prince. He had hit his head and there was a lot of swelling in his face. He is now talking and coherent and they do not think his brain has been injured. Unfortunately he has several broken bones in his face and needs an operation to set the bones. He remains in the hospital in Port-au-Prince. 

Solve had sustained an impact to his head as well as on his leg. He also appears to have no issues with his brain but his leg was broken above and below his knee. He has had an operation on his leg and is recovering at home. He will likely need more care at the hospital as his recovery progresses.

Emilio took the impact of the crash on his back. He has been told that he has a disc out of place but does not need surgery. The doctor has sent him home to remain horizontal for 45 days. He is still in a lot of pain and is feeling discouraged. 

Davidson went to the hospital with a suspected spinal issue but he ended up being diagnosed with a dislocated hip. He had an operation and they were expecting to discharge him to recover at home when he spiked a fever. He seems to have gotten a secondary infection and is not doing well. He goes in and out of consciousness and keeps pulling out his IV and cords. They have had to restrain him and are trying to locate the source of infection. Davidson married Luckner's sister, Rosena, last year and they now have a 5 month old baby. Rosena is a special person in our lives - she is Hasannah & Jelani's Godmother - so please pray for her and her husband Davidson this week.

Less critical Injuries

Several other church members were taken to the local hospital in Grande Goave & Ti-Goave. Most have been treated for lacerations & broken bones and they are now home. Some will need to continue to go to the hospital as an outpatient to get wounds cleaned and dressings changed. Even the smallest wounds in Haiti can quickly become infected. One of the girls, Maude, has already had to have her stitches taken out to clean the infected laceration.

Our student, Nono, was released from the hospital yesterday and is happy to be home. He had a significant laceration on his head and several on his body. He will need to continue to care for his wounds but we think he's well on his ways to recovery.

Thank you again for walking alongside these families with us. It may sound cliche, but together we really can make a difference!

Rebecca Honorat
Executive Director
Relief Fund
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