Published Fri, Sep 10, 21.
Written by Rebecca Honorat.


This past month we have focused on meeting the immediate physical needs of our families & communities in Haiti. Thanks to your generosity, we have raised over $12,000 to help the southwest communities affected by the earthquake. That money has, and will continue, to be used to purchase food & roofing material to help those communities recover. We have also exceeded our goal of raising $3000 to rebuild the Faustin house and we are so excited to get started on that project next week. These are important relief projects and we are grateful you have chosen to partner with us to make an impact in this way. Thank you! 

While we will continue to help meet these types of immediate needs, we want to ensure our long-term vision of empowering families towards independence remains our main focus.

To quote Michelle Obama...
We also believe "...all of that starts with education."

We have committed to supporting 15 new students this Fall. Investing in the education of today's youth is a tangible way we can empower the next generation of families. 

There are three ways you can partner with us to make this happen:
  1. You can sponsor one of these new students
  2. You can share this email with friends and family that may be interested in sponsoring a student.
  3. You can help us support these students until they have a long-term sponsor by making a donation to our General Education Fund.
Our sponsorship program now includes 52 students - the ripple effect those students will have in their communities fuel our passion to walk alongside them and their families!

Thank you again for your ongoing support!

Scott, Albert, Teresa, Diane, Leanne, Renel & Rebecca
Board of Directors & Founders
Alongside Families in Haiti Society
Let us introduce you to a few of the new students!
ALCINDOR, Fredieuson
Fredieuson’s mom, Francine, is a single mom with three young children. She has neighbours & friends who help their family but the majority of responsibility lies on her. As she needs to be at home with her children most of the time she got a job at a local school sweeping the yard and cleaning the classrooms. This schedule works for her and the children but it doesn’t provide them enough income to pay for tuition and meet their basic needs. 
Sponsoring Fredieuson to go to school will ensure his education remains a priority while his mom uses her small income for essentials.
Fredieuson loves to play soccer and hang out with his friends. He like having his mom work at the school because it means he can spend more time on the playground and she’s there for recess to buy him a treat.
PIERRE, Bethsaida
Bethsaida has grown up in Fouche with her parents, sister, and two brothers. As a family they have gone through personal trauma and they have had to band together to make it through. Bethsaida’s dad is currently unemployed as he has recently broken ties with a spiralling political party and he is trying to make a fresh start. Bethaida’s mom is mostly home with her children but she also tries to make some money by buying clothing in bulk and reselling individual items.
Bethaida’s goal is to graduate from High School but she is not confident that this will happen as many of her friends have already dropped out. When she’s not in school she enjoys hanging out with friends, braiding hair, and watching soccer games.
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