Published Mon, Sep 27, 21.
Written by Rebecca Honorat.


Have you ever needed a fresh start in your life?

Many of us have! Our new beginning may have involved a new school, moving to a new neighbourhood, changing our circle of friends, or switching careers. Change can be hard and having the right support system can make all the difference.

We’d like to be that difference for our friend Frantz Pierre, and his wife Bethie.

Frantz was barely a teenager when he first got involved in a gang. He needed some money to help his family and he thought it would just be temporary. A week turned into a month, a month turned into a year, and pretty soon walking away didn’t seem like an option.

In Haiti, most political parties are attached to at least one gang, and many have an associated gang in each influential region. Gangs are paid to stage protests, block roads, and sabotage other parties. Payment is often infrequent but loyalty is expected around the clock. As resources fluctuate, gangs often resort to theft to maintain their position of power. It is a very hard life to walk away from as it is difficult to mask your involvement.

Frantz made a decision to walk away last year and he needs our support while he creates his new beginning.

The Pierre children, Bethsaida and Franztley, are two of our new students this Fall and you can read more about them using the links below.

Will you join us in walking alongside Franz and Bethie by sponsoring Bethsaida or Franztley?

PIERRE, Bethsaida
Bethaida’s goal is to graduate from High School but she is not confident that this will happen as many of her friends have already dropped out. When she’s not in school she enjoys hanging out with friends, braiding hair, and watching soccer games.
PIERRE, Frantzley
Soccer is Frantzley favorite sport and he loves to watch the older boys play in competition as much as he likes to play himself. When he’s on summer break from school Franzley’s favorite thing to do is to walk down main street in the evening with his dad. He likes the smell of fried food & he likes to watch people play dominos.
There are several other students that still need sponsors and you can view them using this link:
other students that need sponsorship
Thank you again for your ongoing support!
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