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Post Secondary: MOLINE, Jean Kervens - 10 of 10 Shares Sponsored

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Post Secondary: MOLINE, Jean Kervens

Place Grand Goave

Nickname Boaz

Gender Male

Name of School Unitech, Port-au-Prince

Program Name Diploma Program

Program Length (years) 4

Boaz lives in Grande Goave with his father and two younger sisters. Their mother died in the earthquake (in 2010) and since then, their father has juggled several jobs to provide for them. Boaz is a kind, quiet-spoken young man and is well known for his respectful nature. He is a natural leader among his peers and within the church family. He is on the youth group leadership team and he is one of the band leaders. Boaz enjoyed High School very much and takes initiative to help his younger sisters in their studies. When he is not busy in school, or helping at home, Boaz enjoys playing soccer and working part-time jobs. He paints, tutors and does a variety of labour jobs. He especially likes to translate for visiting teams and has worked hard to learn enough English to do so.

Learning languages is really Boaz’s passion. In Haiti they learn several languages in High School; Haitian Kreyol, French, Spanish, and English. Boaz’s dream would be to study languages at a University level and get a Diploma in Linguistics. The Government has a (fully funded) diploma program at a University in Port-au-Prince, but it is very difficult to get into. Boaz wrote the entrance exam in September 2019 but was not accepted. He can attempt to write the exam again in September 2020. While we want to encourage Boaz to follow his dream, we also want to encourage him to be realistic. We’d like to help him start working towards a diploma that aligns with his passion and would give him some flexibility in career options. Together we brainstormed other skills & interests he has, as well as what would compliment a Linguistic Diploma if that became an option later down the road.

Boaz has decided to pursue a Diploma at a Technical University in Port-au-Prince. The program is called “Sciences Informatiques” - Science of Information. This 4 year diploma would give him a solid foundation in computers and would allow for career options such as; a Technician for Digicel or Natcom, a teacher in a High School or College, or creating his own business centre. The school he has chosen offers weekend classes so he could still live with his family in Grande Goave and commute to Port-au-Prince twice a week - or stay overnight at a relatives house in Port-au-Prince once a week. His passion for languages melds well with this diploma as there are often foreigners in need of local technicians and he would be able to offer his services to them if he was able to speak their language.

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